Research facilities in a class of their own

The latest competition of the Major Science Initiatives Fund keeps Canada’s most complex and specialized research facilities performing at their highest level
A graphic of three people working on a backdrop of gears and lightbulbs.

In Canada, there is a category of research facilities that are large, complex, highly specialized and of exceptional value to Canadian research. They provide entire communities of researchers access to research equipment that is highly advanced and unparalleled in its capabilities, and to the singularly skilled scientific and technical personnel who operate it.

Across the board, these facilities produce leading-edge, game-changing research, and each is committed to mobilizing the knowledge and technology they develop for the good of society.

Their scope means they require resource commitments well beyond the capacity of any one institution, and sophisticated and robust governance and management structures that serve researchers across Canada.

To keep these kinds of world-class facilities performing at their highest level, the CFI launched the Major Science Initiatives Fund.

Now, a decade after the fund’s 2012 inaugural competition, the results of the fourth competition include a greater range of facilities — in size, complexity and research discipline — than ever before. 

In this collection of stories, read about a few of the extraordinary facilities receiving funding through our latest competition of the Major Science Initiatives Fund.