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Current topics in research funding

Explore some of the most important topics facing Canada’s research community today

Given our mandate and expertise across a spectrum of issues, the CFI is perfectly positioned to contribute to discussions among decision makers, researchers and postsecondary institutions on trending topics in research and innovation. Browse through our information packages to find commentary, reports, success stories and more.

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Ready for a changing world

From how we produce and use energy, to how we build our homes and communities, research is helping us take on the extraordinary challenges facing our environment.
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Youth and research: a promising future

Young adults are navigating a rapidly changing world. The Canada Foundation for Innovation engages young people in research by asking “How can research forge the future you want?”

Responding to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic underlined the important role Canadian labs play in helping researchers tackle global crises. In addition to health researchers equipped and ready to contribute to the global effort to develop and test vaccines, those with expertise in many other disciplines were positioned to share their knowledge.
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Supporting the next generation

Today’s generation of young researchers are curious, ambitious, innovative and collaborative problem solvers. They are skilled in the latest technologies and ready with the knowledge that will transform our world.
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Fostering commercialization

In CFI-funded research facilities, Canadian companies and entrepreneurs find the expertise and state-of the-art equipment they need to thrive and compete globally. This includes large industries like aerospace and forest products, which create thousands of jobs, as well as small- and medium-sized enterprises looking for business solutions.