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In CFI-funded labs and facilities across the country, researchers in all stages of their careers are making discoveries, supporting a robust innovation ecosystem and helping solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges. 

A drawing of an eagle representing First Nations, a narwhal representing Inuit, and a violin representing Métis. These illustrations are placed around the sun and surrounded by multicoloured smoke that represents Indigenous traditions, spirituality, inclusion and diversity.

Raising up Indigenous voices in research

For this National Indigenous History Month, discover research projects that are led by Indigenous researchers and which address the priorities of their communities

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Ontario,British Columbia,Quebec
Keeping research infrastructure green
A nod to the efforts that CFI-funded labs are making to reduce their environmental impact
Sacred spaces
Indigenous Territory and Knowledge-sharing in the digital age
Nova Scotia
Navigating the cutting edge of neuroimaging
New tech creates big possibilities, from basic research to brain surgery
A fresh take on protecting our waters
A wide-ranging survey of aquatic environments in Eastern Ontario will bring together Indigenous and Western Knowledge to find better ways to preserve Canada’s freshwater habitats and species
British Columbia,Manitoba
Unlimited access
Researchers combine expertise in engineering and occupational therapy to build wheelchairs that further break down barriers to mobility
Moving beyond surviving to thriving
A new network of eight Canadian universities aims to help make a difference for children and youth exposed to trauma
Probing the brain to break the cycle of opioid addiction
New treatments for opioid use disorder are desperately needed — and fast. The answer may lie in existing medications.
Genetic sleuthing
A state-of-the-art laboratory is leveraging modern and ancient DNA analysis in tandem with genealogical data to fully understand an evolving population
Prince Edward Island
Coastal scourge
Compounded by a changing climate, severe erosion is scouring Prince Edward Island’s coastline. Researchers are designing an elaborate coastal hazard monitoring and modelling system to help protect the island’s shores from being further flushed out to sea.
Unsettling the Canadian hockey story
Collecting the stories of hockey players, builders and fans from Lac Seul First Nation to reveal a different narrative about Indigenous hockey