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From how we produce and use energy, to how we build our homes and communities, to how we confront the peril increasingly stressed resources place on humans and wildlife — research is helping us take on the extraordinary challenges facing our environment. And the hundreds of labs across Canada devoted to finding those solutions have another calling: they are the training ground and inspiration for generations to come whose future will be shaped by our response to a changing world.

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Investing in research infrastructure to create a cleaner, greener future

Researchers across the country are urgently working on solutions to address the challenges facing our environment. Find out how the CFI is supporting them.

Discover highlights of our support for environmental sustainability research

From equipment that monitors the impacts of a shifting climate to labs that develop net-zero emissions building practices and facilities that create clean-technology innovations, in the last decade, the CFI has invested:

$363 million in 823 infrastructure projects related to climate change and environmental sustainability at 91 universities and other institutions

Future you webinar series: How to build your career in environmental sustainability

Thinking of a career in clean energy? Remediation? Wildlife conservation? With an education in STEAM, you have so many exciting options! Get inspired by hearing what recent graduates have to say about the careers they’ve chosen.

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