Assessing performance

Our logic model

We rely on a logic model, a visual depiction of the relationships between the organization’s inputs, activities and outputs, and the outcomes and impacts that are achieved by the ultimate recipients as a result of infrastructure funding, to guide our efforts in assessing risk, performance and value.

CFI Logic Model

Assessing risk and performance

A clear framework is essential to guide monitoring and evaluation activities. Our performance evaluation, risk, and audit framework (PERAF) describes our objectives and activities, and sets out the approach we use to monitor risk as well as demonstrate how activities lead to desired outcomes and impacts. The performance measurement and evaluation strategy within the PERAF describes the information we track and how we use it to assess our performance in relation to our objectives and expected results.

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Assessing value

In order to remain accountable to Canadians we must demonstrate the efficiency of public research and development (R&D) spending and assess how our investments contribute to achieving social and economic goals for the country. At the CFI we use a variety of approaches and multiple lines of evidence to assess the degree to which we are achieving our objectives. By examining the effects of our infrastructure funding on research results and research capacity, through to broad societal impacts, we gain insight into how to continue to deliver efficient and effective funding that benefits Canada.

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