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Research Facilities Navigator marks 10 years

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Funds and programs
CFI supports Canada Research Chairs in tackling national and global challenges 
Investments in labs and equipment will support research that benefits Canadians
Funds and programs
Canada’s biomanufacturing ecosystem gets major boost with new funding
The CFI invests $361.5 million in the tools and facilities needed to prepare for health emergencies
Funds and programs
Innovative, high-quality research to benefit all Canadians gets major investment
More than half a billion dollars in infrastructure funding to support Canada’s leading researchers
Funds and programs
CFI supports Canada Research Chairs with close to $9 million in infrastructure funding
Research funding will help universities across the country equip their researchers with the tools and facilities necessary to conduct high-quality research
Canadian women researchers make their mark
International Day of Women and Girls in Science is a time to celebrate the talented researchers and entrepreneurs who are inspiring the next generation.
2023 Report on results released
Annual data report offers overview of the tangible outcomes of funding research infrastructure in Canada