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Research Facilities Navigator marks 10 years

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Funding for research in universities and hospitals leads to tangible socioeconomic benefits in Estrie
Research on aging and rehabilitation demonstrates the benefits of supporting research in Quebec
CFI supports Canada Research Chairs with $9.5 million in infrastructure funding
Funding partnership helps universities foster present and future discoveries
Corporate news
National survey reveals most young adults have confidence in science
But lack of confidence in math, the persuasion of social media influencers, and the difficulty to delineate between real and fake information can keep many young adults from making science-based decisions
Traditional Knowledge and interdisciplinary approaches are essential when focusing on critical issues
The CFI's annual public meeting highlighted the contribution that Indigenous ways of thinking can provide to studying areas such as health and climate change
Funds and programs
2023 Innovation Fund competition launched
Projects funded through the Innovation Fund will allow researchers in Canada to generate social, health, environmental and economic benefits, and to make meaningful contributions to addressing global challenges
Our promising future is now
Rekindling the economy with innovation from research and synergies with industry
Conference proceedings point to ongoing need for global research collaboration
The 2021 International Conference on Research Infrastructures brought together nearly 700 panellists and participants spanning five continents
Corporate news
Annual public meeting 2021
Celebrating 25 years of investing in transformative research across Canada
Canada Foundation for Innovation marks a quarter century of funding the state-of-the-art research labs and facilities researchers need to build a promising future for Canada
Operational funding for the national advanced research computing platform transitions from the CFI to the Digital Research Alliance of Canada
Renewed policy guidance on integrated hardware (contributed systems) now available