Annual & corporate reports

Each year, our corporate plan highlights our activities for the year ahead and our annual report looks back at the past year’s accomplishments. Guiding it all is our five-year strategic roadmap.

Strategic roadmap

This strategic roadmap lays out the directions that the CFI will adopt to meet the challenges of today’s difficult economic environment and help boost Canada’s capacity for innovation.

Strategic roadmap 2018-2023

Corporate plans

Our corporate plans chart the course for program delivery, financial accountability, communications and outreach activities, evaluation of outcomes and impacts, and corporate services over the coming fiscal year. This annual plan is a way for us to be accountable to elected representatives, government officials, and to all Canadians about how we use public funds, and to be transparent about our activities for the coming year.

Corporate plan 2020-21

Annual reports

This year, the CFI is making the transition to stable and permanent funding after the Government of Canada committed to ongoing support in the 2018 federal budget. This is a significant and lasting step forward for research in this country. It means that researchers will have the support they need to see their big ideas through and that research institutions can plan ahead and make strategic choices for how they envision their future. It also means funding partners can be ready to support investment opportunities in ambitious research projects. All of this makes research more sustainable, and allows researchers to set their sights high.

Read our 2018–19 annual report to find out more about the CFI’s new commitment to research.

Annual report 2018–19