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Staff at our funded institutions have developed good practices, policies and processes for managing the CFI funding they receive. Read some of them here and write to us to share your own.

Keep in mind we are providing these as a helpful resource. They are not requirements since a practice that works well in one institution may not be appropriate for another. Find the ones that work for your institution.

We review and update these practices periodically; bookmark this page and check back regularly.


Administer your CFI awards effectively, from start to finish

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Timely project implementation
To ensure that the significant investments made in CFI-funded projects deliver the expected benefits, the timely implementation and completion of…
Setting realistic budgets at the proposal stage
Setting realistic budgets at the proposal stage is important to mitigate the risk of changes that can significantly impact a project’s implementation…
Tailoring your proposal development and review process
When developing a proposal, an institution should ensure that all important aspects are considered, and that there is an appropriate internal review…
Important considerations for institutions with decentralized models
To properly manage CFI-funded projects, an institution must have adequate structures and functions in place as well as sufficient and appropriate…
Managing CFI-funded infrastructure through core facilities
Over the past few years, as research efforts move increasingly towards multidisciplinary teams and approaches, a rapidly growing number of…