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Staff at our funded institutions have developed good practices, policies and processes for managing the CFI funding they receive. Read some of them here and write to us to share your own.

Keep in mind we are providing these as a helpful resource. They are not requirements since a practice that works well in one institution may not be appropriate for another. Find the ones that work for your institution.

We review and update these practices periodically; bookmark this page and check back regularly.


Administer your CFI awards effectively, from start to finish

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Ensuring appropriate operation and maintenance of CFI-funded infrastructure
Recipient institutions are responsible for ensuring that appropriate resources are provided for the operation and maintenance (O…
Additional oversight for large or complex projects
The risks associated with CFI-funded projects can vary greatly from one project to another. Large or complex projects often require additional…
Oversight for sole-source procurement
The CFI operates on the principle that its funds must be used effectively, economically, and in the best interests of the research supported by the…
Referencing CFI item numbers to facilitate review and reporting
The CFI funds specific items of an infrastructure project. A CFI item number is assigned to each item approved by the CFI, as presented in the CFI-…
Oversight for expenditure eligibility and infrastructure changes
The CFI expects institutions to purchase the specific infrastructure items approved for a project. If a change to an infrastructure item or the…