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Staff at our funded institutions have developed good practices, policies and processes for managing the CFI funding they receive. Read some of them here and write to us to share your own.

Keep in mind we are providing these as a helpful resource. They are not requirements since a practice that works well in one institution may not be appropriate for another. Find the ones that work for your institution.

We review and update these practices periodically; bookmark this page and check back regularly.


Administer your CFI awards effectively, from start to finish

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Managing user access for large initiatives or facilities
Managing user access is critical for large initiatives or facilities that attract users from various fields and from all over the world. It helps…
Developing a strategic plan for large initiatives or facilities
Strategic planning is critical for large initiatives or facilities because it sets priorities, focuses energy and resources, and strengthens…
Publicly promoting research enabled through CFI investments
Because of its unique status as a foundation entrusted with public money, the CFI attached paramount importance to operating in an economical,…
Effectively sharing the results and outcomes of CFI investments within your institution
An ongoing challenge research communicators face is staying informed on the research outcomes at their institutions that are enabled by CFI…
Taking advantage of the CFI Research Facilities Navigator
The CFI believes that supporting partnerships between researchers, institutions and the private and public sectors will increase the return on CFI…