Summary of changes

The 2023 edition of the Policy and program guide includes some revisions to the 2019 edition. The key changes are outlined below (the relevant sections are in parentheses). Other changes not listed below were for clarity and did not alter the meaning of the information.

Section 3: Eligible institutions

  • We clarified the requirements for universities, colleges, research hospitals and non-profit research institutions to be eligible to apply for, receive and administer funding from the CFI (3.0 Eligible institutions).

Section 4: Eligible projects, costs and contributions

  • We added a new section to emphasize the need for institutions and researchers to be aware of security risks and to take the necessary steps and precautions to ensure the security of the Canadian research ecosystem (4.5.1 Research security).
  • We changed Compute Canada to Digital Research Alliance of Canada to reflect its new corporate identity (4.6.4 Advanced research computing).
  • We revised the text to reflect the new payment method for the Infrastructure Operating Fund (4.7.1 Infrastructure Operating Fund).

Section 5: Application and review process

Section 6: Administration of CFI awards

Section 7: Performance reporting

  • We clarified the nature and scope of this section previously known as “Evaluation and outcome assessment” by changing its title and providing more detail regarding performance reporting requirements and process (7.0 Performance reporting).