5.2 Submitting a proposal

Instructions for completing notices of intent and proposals can be found in the call for proposals. The proposal must be completed by the project leader and submitted electronically by the institution through CAMS. For projects that involve two or more eligible institutions sharing CFI funding, the proposal must be submitted by one applicant institution on behalf of the group. Any other eligible institution (including affiliated entities) that will receive funding must be identified in the proposal and must have signed the institutional agreement. This requirement also applies when funding will be transferred entirely to another institution (e.g., an affiliated entity).

5.2.1 Integrating a proposal with an institution’s portfolio of projects

We encourage institutions to consider how a given project integrates with their portfolio of projects. An institution may have projects that are thematically related or which share space, for example. When that is the case, considering projects as a portfolio may help to improve decision making, optimize implementation, find efficiencies and enhance sustainability of the infrastructure. For example, it might be beneficial for an institution to pool infrastructure needs for related projects or to optimize the design of constructed space for these projects.