4.5 Research security and intellectual property

4.5.1 Research security

The CFI recognizes that open and collaborative research is indispensable to pushing the boundaries of science and addressing complex economic and societal challenges. We support international collaboration and believe in the principles of open science.

At the same time, the CFI recognizes that there may be risks involved in pursuing research and innovation, including theft, interference, or unwanted transfer of knowledge and results in ways that individuals and research teams do not intend. It is therefore important for institutions to be aware of potential research security risks, and to take the necessary steps and precautions to ensure the security of the Canadian research ecosystem.

To that end, the Government of Canada introduced in 2021 the National Security Guidelines for Research Partnerships to integrate national security considerations into the development, evaluation and funding of research partnerships. We encourage researchers to use those guidelines as well as the guidance provided on the Safeguarding Your Research website to assess research partnerships and undertake due diligence with any partner or funder.

4.5.2 Intellectual property ownership

The CFI encourages using research results and new technologies to benefit Canadians. In particular, we encourage the development of productive partnerships, as this is among the most effective means of knowledge transfer and translation. The CFI does not keep or claim any ownership of, or exploitation rights to, any intellectual property arising from CFI-funded infrastructure projects. The CFI expects the recipient institution to determine intellectual property rights in accordance with its institutional policies.