Social justice for a more empathetic world

Four inspiring researchers talk about how knowledge and understanding can create a more just tomorrow, from climate activism to social justice learning to queer rights to public health and wellbeing
University of Toronto
Lakehead University
Thompson Rivers University
British Columbia
Social sciences
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At a time when people are more socially aware, politically engaged, tapped into social justice issues and motivated to make change, we ask a panel of researchers “What does social justice mean for you today, and how can research help advance it to forge the future you want?

Listen to the podcast, featuring Lesley Gittings and Rinaldo Walcott from the University of Toronto, Lindsay Galway from Lakehead University and Manu Sharma from Thompson Rivers University:

Listen time: 1 hour, 29 minutes to listen

This podcast is a recording of a youth-focused panel discussion held on May 16, 2022 as part of the 2022 Congress of the Federation for Humanities and Social Sciences to help mark the CFI’s 25th anniversary. It is available in English only.

Read the blog post about the panel discussion posted by the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences
What does social justice mean to you?


Want to continue the discussion about social justice? Here are some publications from our speakers:

Lindsay Galway:

  • “Land is everything, land is us: Exploring the connections between climate change, land, and health in Fort William First Nation,” published in Social Science & Medicine in 2022
  • “A Scoping Review Examining Governance, Co-Creation, and Social and Ecological Justice in Living Labs Literature,” published in Challenges in 2021


Lesley Gittings:

  • “Blood and Blood: Anti-retroviral Therapy, Masculinity, and Redemption among Adolescent Boys in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa,” published in Medical Anthropology Quarterly in 2022
  • "Art-based reflections from 12 years of adolescent health and development-related research in South Africa,” published in Health Promotion International in 2022

Manu Sharma:

  • “Educators for Diverse Classrooms: A Case Study Approach to Equity and Inclusion in Education,” published by Rowman & Littlefield Publishers in 2019
  • “Disruptive Learning Narrative Framework. Analyzing Race, Power and Privilege in Post-Secondary International Service Learning,” published by Bloomsbury Publishing in 2021


Rinaldo Walcott:

  • “The Long Emancipation: Moving Toward Black Freedom,” published by Duke University Press in 2021
  • “On Property: Policing, Prisons and the Call for Abolition,” published by Bilioasis in 2021


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