2018 Major Science Initiatives Workshop

Overview and objectives of the workshop

The 2018  Major Science Initiatives (MSI) workshop entitled Giving Canada’s national research facilities a competitive edge will be held at the Delta Ottawa City Centre Hotel on November 29 and 30, 2018. It is a great opportunity for representatives from all 17 of the national research facilities funded through the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s (CFI) MSI Fund to network and share good practices and challenges of governing, managing and sustaining the operations of large research facilities.

Key goals of the workshop are:

  • Sharing insights and experiences from the first five years of MSI funding;
  • Informing the community about the MSI midterm review process (to take place in 2019);
  • Sharing experiences and good practices for common challenges of MSI facilities;
  • Building relationships across the MSI community; and
  • Looking ahead to future opportunities and directions for the MSI Fund and the national research facilities (beyond Budget 2018).


The 2018 MSI workshop will be held at the Delta Ottawa City Centre, 101 Lyon Street in Ottawa. The workshop will start Thursday November 29 at 8:30 am and will conclude Friday November 30 at 3:00 pm.


The workshop is intended for representatives of the MSI funded facilities and of the administrative institutions. A maximum of 5 participants per facility, including the Facility Director, the Chair of the Board and a representative of the administrative Institution, are invited to attend.

The pre-registration form requests key information to help us plan the workshop. Please, have all attendees from your organization complete this form and send it back to us at your earliest convenience. Please provide the name, e-mail and phone number of a single point of contact for the meeting logistics.

Note that we will coordinate coffee breaks and lunches for the workshop as well as a reception, from 5:30 – 7:00 pm on November 29. Please indicate any food allergies or other requirements on the pre-registration form.

There are no registration fees for the workshop.


Participants are responsible for making their travel arrangements and hotel reservations. Note that the CFI will not cover any costs associated with attending the workshop. However, attendees from MSI-funded facilities may use MSI funds to cover these costs.

Please note that the Delta Ottawa City Centre is sold out.


The registration desk will be situated in the foyer next to The International Ballroom “C” on the lower lobby level and will be open at 7:45 am each day.

Should you require any additional information about the workshop logistics, please do not hesitate to contact Anne Rouleau or Moriah Lepage by email (MSI-ISM [at] innovation.ca) or by telephone (613-943-0296).

2018 Major Science Initiatives (MSI) workshop

Giving Canada’s national research facilities a competitive edge
November 29-30, 2018


2018 Major Science Initiatives Workshop

Giving Canada’s national research facilities a competitive edge

National Research Facility/ Host Institution Name Role E-mail
The Andre E. Lalonde Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Laboratory Clark, Ian Project Leader ian.clark [at] uottawa.ca
  Gosse, John Killam Professor john.gosse [at] dal.ca
University of Ottawa Jackson, Richard Chair   
  Kieser, Liam Director, A.E. Lalonde AMS Laboratory liam.kieser [at] uottawa.ca
Canada's Genomics Enterprise (CGEN) Aziz, Naveed Chief Administrative & Scientific Officer naveed.aziz [at] sickkids.ca
  Jones, Steven Co-Director & Head Bioinformatics sjones [at] bcgsc.ca
The Hospital for Sick Children Ragoussis, Ioannis Head of Genome Sciences ioannis.ragoussis [at] mcgill.ca
  Scherer, Stephen Project Leader stephen.scherer [at] sickkids.ca
Canada's National Design Network (CNDN) Harling, Gordon President & CEO gordon.harling [at] cmc.ca
  Kaminska, Bozena Chair  
Queen's University Moore, Lynda Director, Supply and Services lynda.moore [at] cmc.ca
  Marlow, Nancy Secretary-Treasurer

nancy.marlow [at] cmc.ca

  Thiele, Marie Director of Outreach, Registration and Analytics marie.thiele [at] cmc.ca
Canadian Cancer Trials Group (CCTG) Deeley, Roger Acting Chair  
  Gandl Black, Rosanne Manager of Finance rgandlblack [at] ctg.queensu.ca
Queen's University Sadura, Anna Manager, Trial Conduct Coordination asadura [at] ctg.queensu.ca
  Stanton, Heather Grants and Strategic Initiatives Leader hstanton [at] ctg.queensu.ca
Compute Canada Lockhart, Terry Director of Finance terry.lockhart [at] computecanada.ca
  Loomis, Christopher Chair  
Western University Talon, Suzanne Executive Directeur suzanne.talon [at] calculquebec.ca
  Tourangeau, Robbin Interim President and CEO robbin.tourangeau [at] computecanada.ca
Érudit Bouchard, Frédéric  Chair  
  MacGregor, James Associate Director, Strategic Projects and Services jbm9 [at] sfu.ca
Université de Montréal Niemann, Tanja Executive Directeur tanjia.niemann [at] umontreal.ca
  Paquin, Émilie Director, Strategic Development and Research emilie.paquin [at] umontreal.ca
  Stranack, Kevin Associate Director, Public Knowledge Project kstranac [at] sfu.ca
Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) Joyce, Melissa Manager, Research Accounting meljoyce [at] uvic.ca
  Loomis, Christopher Chair  
University of Victoria Moran, Kate President and CEO kmoran [at] uvic.ca
  Pirenne, Benoit Director, User Engagement bpirenne [at] oceannetworks.ca
  Round, Adrian Director, Observatory Operations around [at] uvic.ca
Ocean Tracking Network (OTN) Harrison, Peter Chair  
  Iverson, Sara Scientific Director sara.iverson [at] dal.ca
Dalhousie University Townsend, Brendal Senior Programs Manager brendal.townsend [at] dal.ca
  Whoriskey, Frederik Executive Director fwhorisjey [at] dal.ca
SNOLAB Ford, Richard Director of Programme Development richard.ford [at] snolab.ca
  Hall, Jeter Director of Research jeter.hall [at] snolab.ca
Queen's University Kuula, Samantha Senior Communications Officer samantha.kuula [at] snolab.ca
  McCuaig-Johnston, Margaret Vice-Chair  
  Ragan, Kenneth Chair  
  Smith, Nigel Executive Director nigel.smith [at] snolab.ca
The Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy (CCEM) Bassim, Nabil Associate Professor bassimn [at] mcmaster.ca
  Botton, Gianluigi Scientific Director gbotton [at] mcmaster.ca
McMaster University Korinek, Andreas Facility Manager korinek [at] mcmaster.ca
  Preston, John Chair  
The Canadian Light Source (CLS) Blain, Isabelle Chair  
  Boland, Mark Machine Director mark.boland [at] lightsource.ca
University of Saskatchewan Cutler, Jeffrey Chief Strategic Relations Officer jeff.cutler [at] lightsource.ca
  Lamb, Robert Chief Executive Officer robert.lamb [at] lightsource.ca
  Knippel, Nolton Chief Financial Officer nolton.knippel [at] lightsource.ca
The Canadian Research Data Centre Network (CRDCN) Bjerring, Andrew Chair  
  Gauthier, Michelle Special Advisor to the Executive Director michelle3gauthier [at] gmail.com
McMaster University Spencer, Byron Research Programs Director spencer [at] mcmaster.ca
  Reinhart, Dave Director Research Finance and Administration reinhard [at] mcmaster.ca
The CCGS Amundsen Research Icebreaker (Amundsen) Forest, Alexandre Executive Director alexandre.forest [at] as.ulaval.ca
  Fortier, Louis Project Leader louis.fortier [at] bio.ulaval.ca
Université Laval Merzouk, Anissa Marine Research Coordinator anissa.merzouk [at] arcticnet.ulaval.ca
  Thomas, David Chair  
The Centre for Phenogenomics (TCP) Justice, Monica

Senior Scientist and Head, Genetics and Genome Biology

monica.justice [at] sickkids.ca
  McKerlie, Colin Director colin.mckerlie [at] phenogenomics.ca
Sinai Health System Woodgett, Jim Chair  
The International Vaccine Centre (InterVAC) Brusky, Trenna Marketing Coordinator t.brusky [at] usask.ca
  Ewart, Cam Associate Director, Operations & Maintenance cam.ewart [at] usask.ca
University of Saskatchewan Gerdts, Volker Associate Director, Research volker.gerdts [at] usask.ca
  Hodgson, Paul Associate Director paul.hodgson [at] usask.ca
  Vanin, Lorne Associate Director of Finance lorne.vanin [at] usask.ca
The Metabolomics Innovation Centre (TMIC) Kalmar, Gabe Consultant gabevancouver [at] gmail.com
  Chamot, Dana Manager of Operations dchamot [at] ualberta.ca
University of Alberta Ruth, Matthias Interim Chair  
  Wishart, David Director - Scientific Officer dwishart [at] ualberta.ca
The Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (SuperDARN) McWilliams, Katherine Project Leader kathryn.mcwilliams [at] usask.ca
  Strunk, Randi Project Manager randi.strunk [at] usask.ca
University of Saskatchewan      
Institutional Representatives Name Role E-mail
Dalhousie University Weissent, Trevor Director, Finance and Operations trevor.weissent [at] dal.ac (trevor.weissent@dal.)ca
Queen's University Kinsella, Rebecca Research Projects Advisor kinsella [at] queensu.ca
  Moorhead, Mayron Research Projects Advisor mjm10 [at] queensu.ca
  Sumbler, Charles Executive  Director

charles.sumbler [at] queens.ca

McMaster University De Luca Drosi, Lerida Senior Research Accountant ldeluca [at] mcmaster.ca
  Webb, Sherisse Director, Research Office for Administration, Development and Support webbsh [at] mcmaster.ca
Sinai Health System Taylor, Gareth Director, GTIP gtaylor [at] lunenfeld.ca
The Hospital for Sick Children Potter, Belinda Sr Controller, Research Infrastructure and Capital belinda.potter [at] sickkids.ca
Université Laval Moroni, Olivier Assistant to the Vice-President, Research olivier.moroni [at] vrr.ulaval.ca
Université de Montréal Welcker, Anne Senior Research Advisor, Infrastructure anne.welcker [at] umontreal.ca
University of Alberta Allanach, Kara Manager Institutional Project  allanach [at] ualberta.ca
University of Ottawa Moreau, Simon Strategic Research Initiative Manager simon.moreau [at] uottawa.ca
University of Victoria  Joaquin Trapero Director Institutional Programs cfi [at] uvic.ca
University of Sakatchewan Zink, Laura Director, Strategic Research Initiatives laura.zink [at] usask.ca
Western University Tweddell, David Director, Research Development david.tweddell [at] uwo.ca
Name Organization
Aubin, Denise

Canadian Institutes of Health Sciences (CIHR)

Boston, Elizabeth Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)
Critchley, Jacques Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)
Kordan, Danya Innovation Saskatchewan
Langlois, Pierre Canadian Space Agency
Vats, Nipun Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
Waggot, Daryl Genome Canada
Name Role E-mail
Bandulet, Heidi Senior Programs Officer

heidi.bandulet [at] Innovation.ca

Beaudry, Michèle Senior Programs Officer michele.beaudry [at] Innovation.ca
Boucher, Sylvie Senior Programs Officer sylvie.boucher [at] Innovation.ca

Brisebois, Dominique

Manager, Finance dominique.brisebois [at] innovation.ca
Fall, Claudia Senior Programs Officer claudia.fall [at] Innovation.ca
Gill, Ryan Programs Officer ryan.gill [at] innovation.ca
Harvey, Manon

Vice-President, Finance and Corporate Services

manon.harvey [at] innovation.ca

Henrie, Isabelle

Director, Finance isabelle.henrie [at] innovation.ca

Hillier, Laura

Director, Performance, Analytics and Evaluation laura.hillier [at] innovation.ca
Labrie, Mireille Senior Programs Officer mireille.labrie [at] Innovation.ca
Lagacé, Mark Senior Programs Officer mark.lagace [at] innovation.ca

Latendresse, Patricia

Analyst, Policy and Performance patricia.latendresse [at] innovation.ca
Lepage, Moriah Programs Officer

moriah.lepage [at] innovation.ca

Leroux, Stéphane

Senior Financial Monitoring Officer stephane.leroux [at] innovation.ca

MacGuire, Patrick

Senior Evaluation Analyst patrick.macguire [at] innovation.ca

Moorman, David

Senior Advisor, Policy and Planning david.moorman [at] innovation.ca
Nasser-Eddine, Mohamad

Interim Vice-President, Programs and Performance

mohamad.nasser-eddine [at] innovation.ca

Normand, Pierre

Vice-President, External Relations and Communications

pierre.normand [at] innovation.ca
Pilot Patrick Senior Programs Officer patrick.pilot [at] Innovation.ca

Runte, Roseann O’Reilly 

President and CEO roseann.runte [at] innovation.ca

Rouleau, Anne

Programs Officer

anne.rouleau [at] innovation.ca

Szick, Sharyn Senior Programs Officer sharyn.szick [at] Innovation.ca

Takeuchi, Tomoka

Senior Evaluation Analyst tomoka.takeuchi [at] innovation.ca
Zohar, Sandra Senior Programs Officer sandra.zohar [at] Innovation.ca

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