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In CFI-funded labs and facilities across the country, researchers in all stages of their careers are making discoveries, supporting a robust innovation ecosystem and helping solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges. 

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A CFI-produced podcast about curiosity, leading-edge science and the joys of discovery.

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Lonesome no more: When virtual reality goes social
Researchers at the Université de Montréal have patented technology that allows multiple people in different locations to participate in a virtual reality environment
Indigenous engineering students are making a difference in their communities
Training in state-of-the-art research labs encourages Indigenous students to pursue engineering, an area of expertise critical for communities involved in natural resource management
Mental health in the Internet age
Researchers at the University of Regina are providing a much-needed boost for mental health services in Saskatchewan by developing and testing ways to deliver therapy via the Internet
The mother of all nutrition labs
Kyly Whitfield of Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax is tackling the polarizing topic of breastfeeding at the Milk and Micronutrient Assessment Lab, or MAMA Lab
Teaching children with autism how to perceive the world
Western University’s Ryan Stevenson will launch the first longitudinal study to determine if training will help kids with autism better process the outside world
Sea bass with a side of arugula, anyone?
Alberta entrepreneurs are growing fresh fish and vegetables together, turning a finely balanced ecosystem into a profitable bottom line
Avoiding the storm
A Winnipeg company generates sophisticated weather reports to save trucking companies and farmers tens of thousands of dollars
Boredom is complicated
Feeling bored is more than a modern day irritant. It can be a source of significant distress, particularly for people with ADHD
British Columbia
Figuring out what makes shoppers buy or walk away
The choices you make at the mall aren’t always rational. They’re steeped in emotion, from envy to self-esteem. A University of British Columbia lab is taking a closer look at how consumers behave.
Alberta, British Columbia
Common cancer, uncommon approach
Not all prostate cancer research is the same, even if it is the most common cancer affecting men
Refurbishing the hen house
Research is helping egg farmers transition toward new requirements for housing their hens, and minimize their losses along the way