• October 17, 2017
    Today, the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s Research Facilities Navigator reveals an exciting new suite of features that makes it easier for researchers, industry and other partner organizations...
  • October 16, 2017
    Guest speaker Fabiola Gianotti Director-General, CERN Underneath a small village in the Swiss countryside, a 7,000-tonne detector probes the fundamental structure of the universe and the...
  • October 12, 2017
    WINNIPEG, MANITOBA — Imagine a nano-sized anti-cancer drug that can destroy a breast tumour without damaging the surrounding tissue. Or a self-healing skin graft made from nanomaterials that treats...
  • October 2, 2017
    OTTAWA, ONTARIO — Canada’s young researchers are curious, ambitious, innovative and collaborative problem solvers. The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) knows that today’s research is being...
  • September 7, 2017
    The largest survey of space ever conducted will now begin thanks to the opening of the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment, known as the CHIME telescope. Today, the Honourable Kirsty...


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