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Double duty for research institutions

University and college campuses not only produce the new knowledge we need for a greener future: they are also test sites for implementing it in real life

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Funding partnership enhances research-industry innovation
Access to expertise and tools found on college campuses helps local businesses succeed
Funds and programs
Government of Canada support for colleges boosts industry collaborations
Winnipeg, Manitoba — The Government of Canada understands that protecting the environment and growing the economy go hand in hand. The global clean…
Funds and programs
The CFI supports Canada Research Chairholders with $17 million in infrastructure
OTTAWA, ONTARIO — Canada Research Chairholders (CRC) got a funding boost today, including funds for top-notch equipment and facilities to support…
We’ve heard you: CFI 2015 pan-Canadian consultation
OTTAWA, ONTARIO — The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) published the 2015 Pan-Canadian consultation: Summary report and action plan today. The…
Corporate news
Congratulations to top scientific discoveries of 2015
OTTAWA, ONTARIO — Today, Québec Science released its special annual issue that highlights the top 10 scientific discoveries from Quebec, which range…
Research is a contact sport
In a world where the biggest challenges facing humanity are global in scale, there is a need, more than ever, for research to be conducted as a “…
No small matter
The answers to fundamental questions about our world come from some of mankind’s most sophisticated technologies. This makes basic science a veritable treasure chest of opportunity for innovation.
Corporate news
Canada Foundation for Innovation supports new Governor General’s Innovation Awards
CFI to manage adjudication for an award celebrating inspiring and entrepreneurial Canadians
Innovation can help to close the ‘infrastructure gap’
Innovation can help to close the ‘infrastructure gap’
Our home and innovative land
You’ve heard this story before: a great idea emerges from a research lab, is developed into something that can be commercialized, and a spin-off…