2021 report highlights key outcomes of infrastructure funding

CFI support for Canadian research helps retain top talent, train students, create jobs and spark innovation

OTTAWA, ONTARIO — Since its creation in 1997, the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) has supported researchers by investing in the cutting-edge facilities, laboratories and equipment they need to carry out important world-class scientific research and technology development. Released today, the CFI’s annual Report on results, shows that aside from expanding research opportunities, infrastructure investments also result in economic growth, job creation and other outcomes that benefit Canada.

When it comes to training, this new report suggests that more than 28,000 postdoctoral fellows and higher education students expanded their research skills using CFI-funded infrastructure. And when it comes to securing jobs, of the students who completed their training last year and started their career, more than 79 percent secured jobs in the Canadian workforce, with the majority (67%) having joined the private sector.

Also among the highlights in this year’s report is research conducted in CFI-funded labs that benefits Canadians. Researchers reported outcomes including the creation of made-in-Canada COVID-19 test for national availability, improved wheat varieties with higher yield and better disease resistance, as well as new eating and writing assistive technology devices for people with disabilities.  

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This report relied on 2021 data, collected through 1,515 infrastructure projects from 81 institutions that have received CFI funding. It summarizes data related to the CFI’s objectives and includes information on the role research infrastructure plays in attracting and retaining researchers from around the world; supporting the development of the next generation of researchers; promoting collaborations and fueling innovation-related outcomes in Canada.

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