Training and information sessions for individuals involved in the administration of CFI awards

October 28, 2016

Formal training and information sessions for individuals involved with CFI awards is a critical component for ensuring CFI guidelines and expectations are understood and followed. It also allows the institution to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of those involved. Many institutions have adopted various training platforms for new and current staff members, and for project leaders and their teams.

Some of these platforms include:

  • Training manuals: Administrative staff and project leaders have access to the institutional procedures and processes required to manage a CFI award at all stages. These manuals may be given directly to them or kept available on the institutional website. These are especially useful for new staff not previously involved in the administration of CFI awards.
  • Information sessions: These could be in the form of presentations to those involved with the administration of CFI awards. These sessions usually cover important considerations for all stages of a CFI award.
  • Kick-off meetings:  This is an initial meeting with all key members involved with a CFI award (e.g. project leader, research services, finance, procurement, and facilities if applicable) either at the proposal development or award finalization stages to discuss CFI and institutional expectations and define respective roles and responsibilities.

Here's how some institutions have implemented these practices.

Queen’s University

At Queen’s University, guides have been created to assist new staff, current staff, and project leaders involved in applying for CFI funding and/or administering CFI awards. Pre-award guides provide assistance for the development of proposals (e.g. items to include or consider, internal process for submission, internal resources), and post-award guides provide important information related to the release of funds and ongoing administration of CFI projects (e.g. internal award finalization process, procurement of infrastructure, documentation requirements, reporting and contact information). These guides are made available to all applicants and awardees by email.


Hollie O’Dette-Hoiles
Research Facilitator, Institutional Programs
University Research Services
Phone: 613.533.6000  ext. 32757
Email: hoilesh [at]

University of Toronto

Information sessions offered at the University of Toronto are specific to the main CFI funds (i.e. John R. Evans Leaders Fund, Innovation Fund). Two formal information sessions are offered by the Research Services Office, and attended by project leaders and any support staff who assist in project implementation. One session is offered at the application stage and provides information relating to topics such as the type of information to include in applications (including eligible budget items), timelines and internal processes, tools and contact information. The second information session takes place at the award finalization stage and provides an overview of the administrative process and important CFI guidelines, as well as tips to manage projects and reference materials.


MayLiza Baak
Director, Institutional Initiatives
Research Services Office 
Phone: 416.978.7605
Email: m.baak [at]

University of Waterloo

The Institutional Research office at the University of Waterloo coordinates an initial kick-off meeting for all members involved in developing a CFI project proposal. This ensures that each applicant clearly understands the expectations, including detailed procedures, roles and responsibilities, at the early stages of each project.


Andrew Barker
Director, Institutional Research
Office of Research 
Phone: 519.888.4567 ext. 36004
Email: andrew.barker [at]

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