Putting science to work to boost innovation and skills training

More than $10 million awarded to 11 Canadian colleges and polytechnics for new research equipment
July 25, 2018

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA — Canadian entrepreneurs know the path to commercial success often begins with research and development. When business people partner with researchers, they can test their bright ideas in a state-of-the-art lab until it works for today’s marketplace. In return, scientists advance their work and students gain valuable hands-on experience that prepares them for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

This is how the Government of Canada is putting science to work — by investing in the tools researchers need to support top talent and partnerships with businesses.

Today the Honourable Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science and Sport, announced more than $10 million in funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) for new research infrastructure at 11 colleges and polytechnics across Canada.

The Minister made the announcement at Red River College, which is receiving more than $1 million in funding through the CFI to support the creation of a research space dedicated to addressing the growing demand for culinary research from the food and agriculture sectors.

Researchers at the Advanced Culinary Research Laboratory will collaborate with industry on projects including food safety research, adapting to changing consumer needs and addressing industry challenges such as food waste. The skills and experiences students gain from such partnerships gives them the valuable experience they need for jobs in the culinary industry.


“Our Government is committed to harnessing the power of science to fuel a stronger economy and a growing middle class. By investing in modern labs and equipment we are supporting students and researchers to turn made-in-Canada ideas into commercial success. Through investments like these, we are proudly putting science to work.”

- The Honorable Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science and Sport

“The Canada Foundation for Innovation is pleased to support the fine work of the colleges and polytechnics across the country as they bring together the latest technological developments and basic knowledge. They are creating veritable laboratories for ideas — exceptional environments that combine hands-on experience and community outreach. Their talented faculty and students will be leaders in building a strong economy and a better future for their communities.”

- Roseann O’Reilly Runte, President and CEO, Canada Foundation for Innovation

“Red River College is a leader in culinary research and innovation. To date we’ve worked on more than 40 different projects with local food and agricultural producers in Manitoba to help them innovate and bring new products to market. This support from the Canada Foundation for Innovation means that we can expand our research capabilities to meet this growing demand, and create a dedicated state-of-the-art facility for researchers, instructors and students to work collaboratively, shoulder-to-shoulder with industry, to make the impossible possible when it comes to new food product creation and culinary innovation.”

- Paul Vogt, President and CEO, Red River College

Quick Facts

  • Budget 2018 made the largest single investment in basic research and science in Canada’s history.
  • The Government of Canada aims to create two million more jobs in science and technology-related fields by 2025.
  • The CFI is contributing $8,214,094 for tools and equipment through the College-Industry Innovation Fund to 11 projects at 11 institutions.
  • As part of this announcement, an additional $2,464,228 is being awarded under the Infrastructure Operating Fund, which helps institutions with the operating and maintenance costs associated with the new infrastructure.

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Projects funded / Projets financés

Institution / Établissement

Project title / Titre du projet

Maximum CFI contribution / Contribution maximale
de la FCI

Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe

Séchage, texturisation, décontamination et refroidissement sous vide de produits alimentaires innovants

169 230 $

Cégep de Sept-Îles

Plate-forme de recherche expérimentale axée sur le concept usine 4.0

987 713 $

Cégep Édouard-Montpetit

Automatisation intelligente de procédés manufacturiers de pièces aérospatiales en matériaux composites

627 541 $

George Brown College

Leading through Innovation in Fashion Technology (LIFT)


Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Genomic and Metabolomic Tools for Collaborative Solutions in Farming and Human Health


La Cité collégiale

Aménagement d’un laboratoire de génétique moléculaire et de microbiologie

875 700 $

Niagara College

Beverage Innovation Excellence at Niagara College


Nova Scotia Community College

Integrated Ocean Floor Mapping Technologies: Development of innovative offshore mapping for sustainable ocean management


Red River College of Applied Arts, Science and Technology

Advanced Culinary Research Laboratory


SAIT Polytechnic

Research and Innovation for Steam Production and Environmental Sustainability


Sir Sandford Fleming College

Advancements in Water Reclamation Technologies and Nutrient Removal



11 projects / projets


As part of this announcement, an additional $2,464,228 was awarded under the Infrastructure Operating Fund, a mechanism that assists institutions with the incremental operating and maintenance costs associated with the new infrastructure.