Smarter, safer and more cost-effective

College research teams partner with industry and community to tackle real-life challenges in the skies, in disaster zones and on the factory floor
Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy
Fanshawe College
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Social sciences
Design and Manufacturing
Robotics engineering
An illustration of a man looking up as gears and a lightbulb come out of his brain.

Innovation can take on as many forms as there are ideas. Its scope can be small and local or vast and universal. But at its core is a problem to be solved, or a process to improve.

The CFI’s College Fund was established to fuel innovation through partnerships between our country’s colleges and the public, private or non-profit sectors. It supports projects that address the social, business, health or environmental needs of an industry or community.

The following three recipients of the College Fund are doing just that: turning to cutting-edge technology to fill a particular need, be it a safer way to monitor utility corridors from the air, more efficient food packaging, or an improvement to public safety. Their research projects are as inspiring as they are innovative.