Updated CFI Policy and program guide now available online

New web version of guide presents key information institutions need to apply for funding and manage their research infrastructure projects

OTTAWA, ONT. — The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) periodically updates our Policy and program guide to reflect any changes in our policies and procedures so that we continue to serve the needs of the institutions we support. To help institutions more easily access the information they need within the guide, we have launched an online version of the guide.

Read: Policy and program guide 2023

The 2023 edition of the guide is the first time this key document is presented as an online tool. It also includes changes to information about eligible institutions; eligible projects, costs and contributions; and performance reporting, to name a few.

The CFI’s Policy and program guide details the eligibility requirements and policies and procedures for institutions to apply for CFI funding and to manage their funded projects — from pre-application to administration and oversight. Consult additional resources and past editions of the guide for more information.