Research Facilities Navigator marks 10 years of helping innovators connect

Canada’s most comprehensive directory of research labs connects businesses, government and academia with top talent and resources to help them innovate

OTTAWA, ONT. — Today, the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) marks the 10th anniversary of the Research Facilities Navigator. When we launched this searchable online directory in 2013, it was the first national, open access tool of its kind and our goal was to help entrepreneurs and innovators find the researchers, students, labs and equipment that will increase their chances of success.

A decade later, it is more evident than ever that finding the right partners in innovation pays dividends. Whether it’s companies connecting with R&D experts to help them stay competitive, or researchers accessing specialized equipment to take their research further, the right partners in innovation help build communities, grow our businesses, and respond to the increasingly complex challenges we face.

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The Navigator offers the capability to search and connect with research expertise and state-of-the-art equipment at facilities based in universities, colleges, hospitals and government departments across Canada. Featuring 850 facilities at work in traditional, new and emerging fields and industries, it is also the most comprehensive resource of its kind in Canada.

“The creation of the Navigator in 2013 stems from the CFI’s bold vision to make Canada a leader in cutting-edge research across all disciplines and foster collaborations between academia, government and the private sector," says Roseann O’Reilly Runte, President and CEO of the CFI.

And the Navigator is bringing partners in innovation together in remarkable ways: Start-ups looking for help creating prototypes, Canadian companies with export ambitions requiring tests to demonstrate they meet standards for other markets, or internationally based researchers connecting with facilities in Canada that have the capability to process data at a scale not possible by facilities in their home country.

We will celebrate the Navigator’s 10th anniversary throughout the year with special multimedia content, and new opportunities for researchers and facilities to connect. Follow the Navigator on X (@InnovationNAV) for more.

Quick facts

  • 28 sectors are represented in the Navigator, from aerospace and ocean industries to advanced manufacturing and life sciences.
  • 128 colleges, universities, hospitals, non-profit organizations and federal government departments and agencies are featured in the Navigator, from coast-to-coast-to-coast.
  • The Navigator attracted over 60,000 visits during the last fiscal year.

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