Canada Foundation for Innovation partners with Laboratories Canada to strengthen collaboration for next generation of Canadian science infrastructure

Setting the stage to strengthen opportunities for federal science infrastructure collaboration with Canadian universities, colleges, research institutes and research hospitals

OTTAWA, ONTARIO — Today, the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) announces their partnership with Laboratories Canada with the intent to strengthen their collaboration to ensure researchers in federal labs, as well as those in universities, colleges, research institutes and research hospitals continue to have the facilities and equipment they need to keep pace with the transformative changes facing science today and into the future.

The CFI and Laboratories Canada share the common objective to increase Canada’s capacity to carry out important world-class scientific research and technology development. Since 2018, they have worked together through the CFI’s Research Facilities Navigator, an online resource for innovators in all sectors that lists the research expertise and infrastructure available in more than 750 publicly funded facilities. To date, 90 facilities from 10 federal departments and agencies have been added to CFI’s Research Facilities Navigator—joining universities, colleges and research hospitals—as a new way to publicize their activities and willingness to engage in collaboration to help drive research and innovation in Canada.

The CFI’s 2023 Innovation Fund competition, which launched on November 24, 2021, presents opportunities for CFI and Laboratories Canada to promote collaboration between organizations eligible for CFI funding and federal science departments and agencies. Under the current competition rules[1], institutions eligible[2] to receive CFI funding are encouraged to make the requested research infrastructure available to other users, including federal scientists, when the infrastructure provides capacity over and above what is required to pursuing the research objectives. We encourage CFI applicants to reach out to their contacts within federal science departments and agencies to discuss their current CFI funding proposals. Similarly, we call upon federal scientists to get in touch with the university researchers in their network to explore possible CFI proposals.

Building on these two initiatives, CFI and Laboratories Canada will look for other complementarities between their programs in the near future.

About the Canada Foundation for Innovation

For 25 years, the Canada Foundation for Innovation has been making financial contributions to Canada’s universities, colleges, research hospitals and non-profit research organizations to increase their capability to carry out high-quality research. The CFI invests in infrastructure that researchers need to think big, innovate and push the boundaries of knowledge. It helps institutions to attract and retain the world’s top talent, to train the next generation of researchers and to support world-class research that strengthens the economy and improves the quality of life for all Canadians.

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About Laboratories Canada

Laboratories Canada is a 25-year federal strategy that aims to deliver on a vision to strengthen federal science in Canada. The federal Laboratories Canada strategy signals a forward-looking approach to science planning by fostering innovation and collaboration in world-class facilities. The renewed facilities will house modern laboratories and collaborative spaces enabled with information technology tailored to meet the needs of federal scientists, as well as being environmentally sustainable and accessible. Budget 2018 launched the first phase of this strategy with an investment of $2.8 billion to support federal scientists and the important work they do for Canada. The first phase included the development of five science hubs across the country that will support science program synergies in the context of security and regulation; health and safety; resource management and a low-carbon economy; transportation safety; cultural heritage and preservation; and the protection and sustainability of Atlantic fresh water and coastal ecosystems.

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[1] Rules for CFI competitions are accessible here: Resources to apply and manage your award | CFI (

[2] Institutions eligible to receive Canada Foundation for Innovation funding are Canadian universities, colleges, research hospitals and non-profit research institutions. For more information please consult the list of eligible institutions | CFI (