2023 Report on results released

Annual data report offers overview of the tangible outcomes of funding research infrastructure in Canada

OTTAWA, ONT. — Last year, research infrastructure in universities, colleges and research hospitals across the country helped attract researchers to Canada, train students and grow the economy. These are just a few of the highlights included in the CFI’s 2023 Report on results, an annual compilation of key outcomes and outputs of CFI funding.   

The 2023 report highlights how infrastructure contributed to recruiting 98 percent of new researchers leading CFI-funded projects to Canada. In addition, an overwhelming majority (96 percent) of CFI-funded project leaders said that their infrastructure was a key resource for the next generation of researchers. In fact, more than 31,000 students gained research skills using the infrastructure.  

When it comes to growing the economy, nearly 2,600 of those students finished their training and moved into the workforce — with just under two-thirds getting jobs in the private sector. Infrastructure also factored in the filing of more than 260 patents and provisional patents and the creation of 36 spin-off companies.  

The report summarizes how research conducted in CFI-funded labs benefits Canadians in many ways, including new or improved products or services, and new or revised policies. For example, this past year an innovative electrical stimulation device was developed to improve paralysis rehabilitation and there was advancement in research for a side-effect-free and non-addictive opioid to treat pain from gut inflammation. 

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This report relied on data from the 2022–23 fiscal year, collected through 1,594 infrastructure projects from 98 institutions that have received CFI funding. It summarizes data related to the CFI’s objectives and includes information on the role research infrastructure plays in attracting and retaining researchers from around the world; supporting the development of the next generation of researchers; promoting collaborations and fueling innovation-related outcomes in Canada.  

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