2022 Report on results released

Annual data collection highlights benefits emerging from more than 1,600 labs and facilities across Canada

OTTAWA, ONT. — The CFI’s 2022 Report on results highlights a breadth of tangible outcomes and benefits for research and for Canadians thanks to research infrastructure investments.  

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Among the highlights in this year’s report is the development of highly qualified personnel. Researchers reported that more than 31,000 students expanded their research skills in 2021–22 using CFI-funded research infrastructure. Of these, close to 2,700 completed their training and moved into the workforce.  

Other benefits from the past year include the creation of more than 170 patents and 30 spin-off companies. The report summarizes how research conducted in CFI-funded labs benefits Canadians in many ways, including new or improved products or services, and new or revised policies. For example, a policy brief was developed containing recommendations to improve parents’ wellbeing through the COVID-19 pandemic, and a new robotic surgical technique makes brain surgeries more precise and shorter. 

This report relied on 2021-2022 data, collected through 1,618 infrastructure projects from 101 institutions that have received CFI funding. It summarizes data related to the CFI’s objectives and includes information on the role research infrastructure plays in attracting and retaining researchers from around the world; supporting the development of the next generation of researchers; promoting collaborations and fueling innovation-related outcomes in Canada. 

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