Publicly promoting research enabled through CFI investments

October 29, 2016

Because of its unique status as a foundation entrusted with public money, the CFI attached paramount importance to operating in an economical, effective, and transparent manner, and to communicating its activities and results to a wide audience. — John R. Evans, Past Chair, CFI Board of Directors

To achieve this goal, the CFI is always looking to collaborate with institutions on initiatives, such as events, news releases, stories, multimedia and social media campaigns, that will inform government decision-makers and the public of the research enabled by CFI-funded infrastructure, and the outcomes and impacts it has on Canadians.

To effectively communicate and promote the research enabled through CFI investments to the public, some institutions have:

  • Developed a diverse set of communications mechanisms and activities that they use to promote research and outcomes to their stakeholders. This includes social media, print, electronic, and various forms of multimedia;
  • Developed close, sustained relations with specific media outlets in their community, tailoring products to the particular needs of each;
  • Implemented communication or promotional campaigns where communications products are promoted to targeted groups though means such as social media and emails;
  • produced a number of thematic research pieces they pitch to media to be published as ongoing series;
  • Written in a narrative form so that media have little to do to turn the information/pitch into a story of their own; and,
  • Proactively posted stories on their website for the general public when a researcher is published or cited.

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