Effectively sharing the results and outcomes of CFI investments within your institution

October 29, 2016

An ongoing challenge research communicators face is being informed and updated on the research and research outcomes at their institutions that is enabled by CFI investments — ultimately, knowing when there is something to communicate to the broader public.

To effectively share the results and outcomes of CFI investments internally some institutions have:

  • Created research communicator positions, often located within their research offices;
  • Set up mechanisms to share information between their research offices and communications on an ongoing basis — e.g. informed communications when outcomes are mentioned in a CFI project progress report;
  • Established monthly/regular meetings of the research based business units where representatives from research communications and/or corporate communications participate;
  • Used various progress reports generated by their institution, such as annual reports and Board reports, to garner communications leads;
  • Implemented a process that triggers media relations to work with researchers to develop news releases and arrange interviews when a researcher publishes a scientific paper; and,
  • Shared information between knowledge transfer offices and research communicators on research outcomes, such as patents granted and industry collaborations.

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