Additional oversight for large or complex projects

October 28, 2016

The risks associated with CFI-funded projects can vary greatly from one project to another. Large or complex projects often require additional oversight to ensure that budgets, timelines, scope and issues are properly managed. Several institutions use a risk-based approach to guide their management and oversight activities and have dedicated management resources or committees assigned to these projects.

Here's how some institutions have implemented these practices.

University of Victoria

During the proposal stage each project is assigned a risk profile at the University of Victoria. Larger projects have a documented risk registry highlighting key risk areas and the mitigation measures in place to address each risk. The university has management and scientific committees in place for larger projects, such as the Advanced Rare Isotope Laboratory (ARIEL) project.

During project implementation, in addition to the monitoring done by the Office of Research Services on expenditures at the time of procurement and the on-going oversight provided by the Research Services Operations Advisory Group (RSOAG), the university has also implemented regular site visits for large or complex projects. The visits allow for continued discussions with project leaders and their teams on the implementation status of these projects. The site visits are conducted regularly by representatives of Research Services, Research Accounting, Purchasing and other departments as appropriate.


Joaquin Trapero
Director, Institutional Programs
Office of Research Services
Phone: 250.721.7972
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The Hospital for Sick Children

The Research Capital & Renovation Committee at the Hospital for Sick Children performs quarterly capital budget reviews. These provide an opportunity for key stakeholders to review the progress of various construction or renovation projects, including large or complex projects, and discuss issues (e.g. cost increases, delays, technical issues).

In addition, various management and oversight committees have been created for large or complex initiatives. A good example is The SickKids Child Health Research Institute funded under the Research Hospital Fund, where a separate governance structure was put in place involving the creation of steering, equipment,  procurement and operations committees.


Belinda Potter
Senior Controller, Research Awards and Financial Services
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