Self-identification questions

The CFI began collecting self-identification information from CAMS users in March 2017. Since March 30, 2021, all CAMS users are prompted to complete their user profile by answering a revised self-identification questionnaire. The CFI worked with CIHR, NSERC, and SSHRC (the ‘three agencies’) to revise the self-identification questions that support Equity, Diversity and Inclusion analyses in order to improve data management and quality and to harmonize the data we collect to ensure comparable reporting. This revised questionnaire is now harmonized across the three agencies and the CFI.

The self-identification information in your user profile will not be visible to institutional representatives or users with whom you share your CV. Nor will it be available to reviewers and it will not be used in the proposal assessment or approval processes. The data will only be used in aggregate form for statistical and possible reporting purposes. It is understood that responses provided by individuals can change over time. Accordingly, you can modify your self-identification information at any time from your user profile screen.

CFI and the three agencies recognize that, for certain identities, terminology is not universally agreed upon and continues to evolve. Please consult the Tri-agency Frequently Asked Questions about the Self-id Questionnaire for further definitions and details. It is important to note that there may be differences in the way questions are asked or activities related to equity, diversity and inclusion are carried out (e.g., EDI Action plan) by different organizations.

Feedback is welcomed. If you wish to comment on or inquire about the self-identification questions, please contact EDI [at]