Privacy notices for researchers

As a researcher, you are responsible for the accuracy of the information you agree to provide to the CFI in the context of institutional funding proposals.

All personal information provided to us will be safeguarded. It will be used and disclosed in accordance with the Privacy Act, the Access to Information Act, and other related laws and policies to which the CFI is subject.

Personal information provided to us as part of an institutional funding proposal is used primarily to review proposals and to administer and monitor awards. Consistent with this, project leaders and other participating researchers should also expect that their personal information may be used and disclosed by the CFI in the following ways:

  • The CFI routinely shares information related to proposals and awards with relevant officials in the applicant institution(s);
  • As part of the review process, proposals are shared in confidence with individual reviewers and with the CFI's review committees who are recruited from the academic, private and public sectors. To the best of our ability, we ensure that this information is stored, handled and distributed in a secure manner at all times;
  • Proposals and related documentation submitted for support offered by the CFI jointly with another provincial or federal government organization(s) may be disclosed to appropriate officials in the other organization(s). The uses and disclosures of such information will typically be set out in the relevant program literature and governed by a data-sharing agreement;
  • Individual reviews and committee assessments, including comments about the researchers associated with a proposal, are accessible to officials of the applicant institution(s) and to the project leader listed in the proposal;
  • The CFI uses personal information about participating researchers in its files and databases to identify prospective committee members and reviewers for specific proposals. Reviewers are then recruited on a voluntary, consent basis;
  • The CFI routinely publishes and disseminates certain details about successful proposals, including the names and affiliations of leading researchers. Before disclosing more detailed personal information for publicity purposes, we will seek the consent of affected researchers; and,
  • Files and databases containing personal information may also be used by the CFI for program planning, evaluation and reviews, audits, and for generating statistics for these activities. Generally, the information is used to produce aggregate data only.

Project progress report privacy notice for researchers

The CFI is subject to the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act. The personal information you provide to us in project progress reports will be managed in accordance with the Privacy Act. Information in this report will be aggregated and used to inform CFI activities such as annual reporting, evaluation, outcome measurement and other special studies. Personal information provided to contractors and consultants in the context of these activities is subject to confidentiality/nondisclosure provisions. Information may also be used for publicity purposes with the specific consent of the individual submitting the project progress report.

In submitting this project progress report to us, you also consent to the sharing of your personal information contained therein with our provincial and federal funding partners.