We’ve heard you: CFI 2015 pan-Canadian consultation

January 29, 2016

OTTAWA, ONTARIO — The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) published the 2015 Pan-Canadian consultation: Summary report and action plan today. The report provides a summary of common themes and issues raised during the CFI’s Canada-wide consultation with research stakeholders, held in the fall of 2015. The consultation included 17 town hall meetings across the country and involved nearly 500 participants from 85 different institutions. Meetings were also held with representatives from
nine provinces.            

READ: 2015 Pan-Canadian consultation: Summary report and action plan

During these sessions, the CFI sought input on a few key strategic issues of importance to the research community and other stakeholders. The consultation also allowed the CFI to reaffirm the ongoing commitment and continued interest among these stakeholders by ensuring the foundation’s funding architecture remains relevant and responsive to Canada’s research community.

The CFI has already acted on several suggestions made during the consultation and plans to implement a number of others in the coming months. Some recommendations, which require more analysis, are also being  considered.

For a summary of feedback from the Canada-wide consultation, please review the full report here.