We’re turning 20 and you’re invited to celebrate!

September 20, 2016

Two decades of funding research infrastructure is worth recognizing. February 18, 2017, marks the 20th anniversary of when the Federal Government announced the budget of 1997 and its intention to create the CFI. New investments through the CFI would change the face of Canada’s research landscape for the better.

To celebrate this milestone, we’ve partnered with several of our funded institutions across the country to create a collection of stories that show how great Canadian research — supported by the CFI — build communities.

From helping Saskatchewan dairy and cash-crop farmers make feedstocks that are better for milk production to cancer survivors forming a support group while taking part in a study on the effects of exercise on recovery from breast cancer, research helps build communities — our communities, your community — and that’s something worth celebrating and sharing together.

We launched our newly refreshed website only a few days ago. Now we’re pleased to share with you one of a series of podcasts that tell the story of how the CFI came to be from the mouths of the very people who helped make it happen; a new interactive timeline to tell the history of the CFI from past to present, and stories told by Canadians in the form of articles, videos and image galleries that reinforce how research builds their communities.

Over the next several months, please join us in highlighting 20 years of funding research excellence and touching the lives of Canadians.

Please also help us promote stories through social media by using our campaign hashtag #CFI20yrs.