2018–19 Report on results: How CFI investments benefit Canada

January 20, 2020

OTTAWA, ONTARIO — Last year, the labs and equipment funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation helped create more than 1,400 new jobs, more than 130 new patents and more than 40 new spin-off companies. These are just a few of the impacts CFI funding had on the Canadian economy, according to our organization’s annual Report on results.

The 2019 Report on results is a summary of data related to the CFI’s objectives and includes information on the role research infrastructure plays in attracting and retaining researchers from around the world; supporting the development of the next generation of researchers; promoting collaborations; and fueling innovation-related outcomes in Canada.

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The report also highlights some of the research that has emerged from CFI-funded labs which has had tangible benefits for Canadians. These include: a wireless power system that can autonomously and quickly charge electric cars and public transit vehicles, and a phone app that mimics the hippocampus and helps bridge memory gaps in people at risk for Alzheimer’s Disease.

The report relied on data provided by 83 institutions on 1,614 infrastructure projects during the 2018–19 fiscal year.

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