Learning about education

An illustration shows three rows of children sitting at desks in a classroom setting. Some children are daydreaming, playing games or taking naps; others are reading, taking notes or raising their hands.

Learning about education

Researchers across Canada are developing new insights into how we learn and are devising innovative ways to educate the next generation. Here is a sample from our archives of stories and videos on education research.
August 25, 2015


Cardboard creations from the EDGE Lab
February 19, 2014
Ryerson University researchers are helping parents design custom adaptations for their children with special needs

Math is child’s play!
April 9, 2013
Wilfrid Laurier University professor teaches parents to incorporate “math talk” when playing with their children

Hip-hop storytellers
June 28, 2010
University of Regina researcher helps young aboriginals to express themselves through music


Tools of the mind

September 29, 2010
A Canadian researcher is studying a novel American preschool curriculum to see how it might help Canadian children get ahead.
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Science savvy

June 24, 2009
Challenging students to get excited about the world of science.
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Learning a lesson

May 28, 2008
At Concordia University’s Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance, researchers are harnessing the latest technology to get students reading and to prevent the failures that result from poor literacy. Along the way, they’re hoping to provide students with the tools they need for a lifetime of success.
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Stats sleuth

November 15, 2007
It’s no surprise that statistics show that wealthier, better-educated people tend to raise children who are healthier and more successful. But it might shock Canadians to learn just how far children from less wealthy families are falling behind the national average and how many there actually are.
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Mining for knowledge

September 1, 2002
British Columbia is known for its wealth of natural resources. From timber to gold, the province is a treasure trove of raw materials. It’s also home to a wealth of education-based statistics that are worth their weight in gold to researchers. So, like the prospectors of the frontier days, modern data “miners” are rushing to a rich new vein of education data that’s being collected and refined by Edudata Canada.
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Studying the behaviour of students in a virtual learning context

July 1, 2002
How can you alleviate the sense of isolation that prevents some learners from taking full advantage of distance learning?
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This article was originally published in August 2014.