Holiday recipes to toast world-class research

Holiday recipes to toast world-class research

For a delicious holiday meal that doubles as a great conversation starter, try this menu featuring recipes that include ingredients developed in CFI-funded research labs
December 4, 2014

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Researchers in state-of-the-art facilities across the country are working with Canada’s food and drink industries to develop new products that will give them a competitive edge. As a toast to the holiday season, we present this menu featuring ingredients developed in CFI-funded labs at universities and colleges from coast to coast. Try the recipes to create a holiday meal made more sumptuous by world-class research.

A selection of allergen-free B.C. wines

 University of British Columbia researchers commercialized
new yeast strains to avoid post-wine headaches

Great-tasting, non-alcoholic Ontario draft beer

Niagara College researchers helped produce
an award-winning draft beer that’s not only safe
for designated drivers but tasty too

Salmon and crispy wonton
with B.C. caviar

 Vancouver Island University’s expertise in sturgeon helped a British Columbia hatchery produce some of the world’s best caviar

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Zucchini risotto with Manitoba flax oil

Research from the University of Manitoba is helping a local company produce flax oil that stands the test of time

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Apple, pear and Quebec apple syrup sorbet

Researchers at Collège Shawinigan worked with a Quebec apple company to develop a method to turn their damaged apples into apple syrup, creating a valuable new product

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