Five researchers who study the great Canadian outdoors

Five researchers who study the great Canadian outdoors

If taking in the Canadian wilderness is among your summer plans, you may want to tip your sunhat to the many researchers who study our wildlife and environment in order to help preserve it.
July 15, 2014

From our archives, here are five stories of conservation researchers from coast to coast:

Songbird secrets
Promiscuity, divorce and speedy migration are all part of the life of a songbird

By D'Arcy Jenish

Back home on the range
An ecologist returns to Canada to protect the wetlands and grasslands he loves

By Christopher Pollon

Studying sturgeon
A new research facility on Vancouver Island will delve into the mysterious life of this prehistoric and imperilled fish

By Christopher Pollon

Seeing the forest for the trees
A framework developed at the University of Alberta is helping the forest planners behind the world’s largest conservation agreement see the bigger picture

By Fraser Los

Flood watcher
An observatory at the headwaters of Alberta’s Bow River will improve flood warnings

By Alec Ross