The CFI effect at Sickkids

The CFI effect at Sickkids

September 17, 2008

At SickKids in Toronto, the study of human genetics and genomics has led to groundbreaking discoveries in cancer and other childhood ailments. Such discoveries are the ultimate outcome of CFI funding in research infrastructure—outcomes the CFI tracks to remain accountable to the Government of Canada and to the public.

Looking at the impact of state-of-the-art research infrastructure at SickKids, the CFI found the hospital was able to develop more ambitious research plans, retain top faculty, recruit international experts, and train the next generation of human genetics and genomics researchers.

Breakthroughs at SickKids over the last few years tell the story of just how much investment in infrastructure has contributed to ensuring a healthier future for our children.

  • SickKids researchers confirm sugar as an effective painkiller for newborn

  • Breakthrough at SickKids: How cancer stem cells ‘hide’ in tumours

  • SickKids researchers provide new information to improve treatment of complications of pneumonia in children

  • SickKids scientists discover one of the genetic variations responsible for kidney failure in diabetics

  • SickKids researchers find prenatal multivitamins reduces risk of childhood cancers

  • SickKids spin-off will seek new treatments for diabetes

Providing accurate, consistent, and timely information is key to the CFI’s accountability. The CFI uses a new and innovative approach for capturing critical information that will inform its stakeholders on the impacts of CFI investments.

The Outcome Measurement Study (OMS) is designed to assess the degree and extent to which the CFI is achieving its mandate through investments in research infrastructure. The OMS involves an in-depth questionnaire submitted to institutions, followed by a visit by an expert panel whose report provides rich quantitative and qualitative data.

The report describes how CFI investments in research infrastructure have contributed to the institution’s achievement of specific results.