Rome 2013

ERA-Can II 2013 Symposium on Arctic and Marine Research Infrastructure

The following is a collection of recent reports related to Arctic and marine research, including policy statements, recommendations on strategic priorities, and assessments of research infrastructure requirements. The purpose of this collection is to inform the discussions at the ERA-Can II 2013 Rome Symposium on Arctic and Marine Research Infrastructures.

All of the documents in this collection are publicly available through their sponsoring organization’s web sites. The opinions, assessments and conclusions contained in these reports are those of the authors and their organizations. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the Canada Foundation for Innovation. Please contact the report sponsoring organization if you have questions or comments.

Supporting Documents

Document Contributor
- Arctic Freshwater Biodiversity Monitoring Plan Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF)
- Arctic Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Plan Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF)
- CCA Arctic Research Report 2009 Council of Canadian Academies
- EC Global Research Infrastucture Report 2012 European Commission
- EC Marine Infrastrucure Expert Group Report 2013 European Commission
- ERICON Science Perspective 2015-2030 ERICON
- ESF Polar Board Description European Science Foundation
- ESF Polar Board Strategic Directions 2012 European Science Foundation
- EU European Polar Consortium Assessment European Polar Consortium
- Gordon Foundation Arctic Report 2012 The Munk-Gordon Arctic Security Program
- MEOPAR Stratgic Plan 2012-17 MEOPAR
- National Academies Critical Ocean Research Infrastructure Report 2012 National Academies of Sciences
- NOAA Arctic Report Card 2012 NOAA
- Ocean Science and Tecnology Overview - March 2013 Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
- US NSTC Arctic Research Plan 2013-17 US National Science and Technology Council
- US NSTC Ocean Research Plan 2013-17 US National Science and Technology Council
- Recent articles on future ocean science developments Science & The Economist
- Crude Oil and Natural Gas Resources (map) Natural Resources Canada
- Transatlantic Arctic and Marine Research Initiative summary report European Commission
- AMAP Report on Acidification Arctic Council
- Arctic Pollution Report 2011 Arctic Council
- Biodiversity Assessment Arctic Council
- Galway 2013 Scientific Workshop Report  
- Galway Statement on Atlantic Research Cooperation 2013  
- SWIPA Overview Report 2011 - Navigating the future European Marine Board
- Statement of Principles and Practices for Arctic Data Management IASC
- Overview Report 2011 SWIPA
- Visit of Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) German Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research to Canada, May 2013  
- Polar Continental Shelf Program Description 2013 Natural Resources Canada
- Polar Continental Shelf Program, Science Report,2011-2012 Natural Resources Canada
- IASC Progress Report, Summer 2013 International Arctic Science Committee (IASC)
- OTN Annual Report, 2011-12 Ocean Tracking Network
- Ocean Tracking Network Strategic Plan 2013-2018 Ocean Tracking Network
- National Strategy for the Arctic Region (US), 2013 The White House
- Arctic Ocean Review, 2013 Arctic Council
- Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment, 2013 Arctic Council
- Science Editorial on Ocean Exploration, August 2013