The Navigator: where business and research meet

The navigator plots a secure and sure and steady path through shoals and stormy seas or, if your ship is intergalactic, through meteor showers and passing comets. Today, although we work effectively in our labs, we often lack guide posts when we step outside. How can we find companies that might be interested in our work? At the same time, potential business and industry partners may scratch their heads. They hear about great work being done but lack the means to contact the researchers. If local taxi drivers cannot find the buildings on our campuses, how do others ever locate the lab they read about in the newspapers?

The navigator provides a common point of entry for researchers and businesses, a means to discover and locate each other, a way to sail through the seas of massive data, advertising, and hype to find a friendly harbour from which to identify potential partners. There are also fringe benefits. Researchers can find potential colleagues and collaborators. The universe is a bit of a puzzle and if we can bring together ideas and concepts we will be more effective and efficient.

Navigators are known to be bold sailors and astronauts. Please take your courage in hand and let us help you tell the world about your great work and, if you are a corporate or industrial innovator looking for a partner, do take the time to open our new website and find both inspiration and brilliant researchers ready to embark with you on a voyage of discovery.

Visit the CFI Navigator.