Gerry Byrne et Allan Rock annoncent un investissement de 130,1 millions de dollars pour l'établissement de 123 nouvelles chaires de recherche du Canada

12 novembre 2002

Canada Research Chairs Infrastructure Fund/
Fonds d’infrastructure pour les Chaires de recherche du Canada

Institution / Établissement Projects Approved / Projets appuyés
Athabasca University 1
Brock University 1
Carleton University 1
McGill University 7
McMaster University 2
Memorial University of Newfoundland 4
Mount Allison University 1
Queen's University 1
Saint Mary’s University 1
Simon Fraser University 2
University College of Cape Breton 1
University of Alberta 5
University of British Columbia 9
University of Calgary 1
University of Manitoba 2
University of New Brunswick / Université du Nouveau-Brunswick 2
University of Ottawa / Université d’Ottawa 2
University of Toronto 10
University of Victoria 4
University of Waterloo 4
University of Western Ontario 7
University of Windsor 4
Université Laval 3
Université de Montréal 2
Université de Sherbrooke 2
Université du Québec – Institut national de la recherche scientifique 1
Université du Québec – École de technologie supérieure 1
Université du Québec Télé-université 1
Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue 1
Université du Québec en Outaouais 1
Université du Québec à Chicoutimi 2
Université du Québec à Montréal 4
Wildrid Laurier University 1
York University 4
Total 34 institutions / établissements 95

Canada Research Chairs Infrastructure Fund/
Fonds d’infrastructure pour les Chaires de recherche du Canada

List of Approved Projects by Institution /
Liste des projets appuyés par établissement

Chaire de recherche
Project title /
Titre du projet
Maximum CFI Contribution/
Contribution maximale de la FCI
Athabasca University
Connors, Martin Magnetometer Arrays for Electrojet Morphology and Pulsation Studies $74,000
Brock University
Wade, Terrance Infrastructure for socio-health research on children and youth $53,937
Carleton University
Van Oorschot, Paul Network and Software Security Research and Test Laboratory $137,557
McGill University
Armony, Jorge Neural and autonomic measures of cognitive-emotional interactions in healthy humans and in individuals with anxiety disorders $114,000
Bedford, Fiona Laboratory of Dr. Fiona Bedford for studying GABAA, receptor membrane trafficking and inhibitory synapses formation. $120,000
Colman, David Equipment for a new laboratory that studies myelin and synapse formation in living cells. $199,390
Davidson, Russell Inter-University Centre for Research in Econometrics and Quantitative methods in social sciences $137,932
Franchimont, Denis Automatic translational research channel $102,000
Gambacorti-Passerini, Carlo Oncogenic Fusion Protein unit at McGill University $150,000
Saideman, Stephen Research Unit for Quantitative Political Inquiry and Data Analysis. $44,754
McMaster University
Sharma, Arya Infrastructure for a Chair in Cardiovascular Obesity Research $125,577
Ayers, Paul Infrastructure for Theoretical Studies of Protein Structure and Dynamics, Enzyme Mechanism and Function, Heterogeneous Catalysis, and the Electronic Structures of Molecular Systems $113,715
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Bertolo, Robert A Piglet Model to Describe and Quantify the Metabolism of Amino Acids by the Neonatal Gastrointestinal Tract. $113,524
Driedzic, William Marine Bioscience $147,549
Johansen, Thormod Petroleum Reservoir Engineering and Characterization $125,000
Snelgrove, Paul Boreal and Cold Ocean Systems $97,256
Mount Allison University
Brett, Craig Creation of A Spatial Econometrics / Empirical Public Finance Research Laboratory at Mount Allison University $74,731
Queen's University
Day, Troy Equipment for the development and testing of theory in mathematical evolutionary biology $125,000
Saint Mary's University
Deupree, Robert Computer Infrastructure for the Director of the Institute for Computational Astrophysics $65,995
Simon Fraser University
Bingham, Derek Industrial Statistics Research Laboratory $120,000
Feenberg, Andrew Technology Studies Laboratory $120,000
University College of Cape Breton
Bartlett, Cheryl Computerized Analytical Equipment $74,988
University of Alberta
Baker, Glen A liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry system for analysis of drugs and metabolites, steroids and peptides $132,189
Brett, Michael Long throw - low pressure physical vapour deposition system for sputtering porous nanostructured thin films $123,600
Davidge, Sandra Physiology and pathophysiology of the cardiovascular system: Functional, biochemical and molecular assessments of the rodent heart and vascular systems with emphasis on the unique features $121,609
Glover, Mark Equipment for High-Throughput Protein, DNA, and RNA Production for x-ray Crystallography $129,413
Leys, Sally Cellular, developmental and physiological dynamics of basal metazoan body plans $154,280
University of British Columbia
Damascelli, Andrea State-of-the-art angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy apparatus for the study of electronic and magnetic interactions in novel complex systems. $250,000
Granville, David Biochemical Homestasis in Cardiovascular System $149,793
Heinonen, Ari Fracture prevention through novel quantification of bone structure and fall risk. $150,000
Kuske, Rachel Mathematical Research Centre for Industry and Applications (MaRCIA) $74,542
Maddison, Wayne Laboratory of Invertebrate Biodiversity and Phylogenetic Analysis. $149,720
Schober, Robert Computer Laboratory for Wireless Communication Research $121,124
Shapiro, Moshe Multi-wavelenght femtosecond laser for coherent control experiments. $250,000
Vatikiotis-Bateson, Eric Linguistics and communicating systems: Investigating the linguistic and non-longuistic processes of multi-modal communicative behaviour $199,253
Weis, Dominique André Marie Pacific Centre for Isotopic and Geochemical Research (PCIGR): Geochemical preparation facility for radiogenic and heavy stable-isotopic analyses $125,000
University of Calgary
Bezdek, Karoly Computer Facility for the Centre for Computional Discrete Geometry $117,035
University of Manitoba
Chochinov, Harvey A palliative care research laboratory, and affiliated research satellite, for the storage and analysis of palliative care databases $122,352
Yang, Xi Study of the mechanisms of allergy/asthma and chlamydial diseases. $125,000
University of New Brunswick /
Université du Nouveau-Brunswick
Gants, David Research databases and computer infrastructure for proposed Chair in Humanities Computing, University of New Brunswick. $74,942
Ni, Yonghao Establishment of processing and testing facilities for Pulp and Paper Research and Innovation $75,000
University of Ottawa /
Université d’Ottawa
Bao, Xiaoyi Development of High Repetition Rate(40GHz) Active Mode Locked Fibre Laser for Optical Communication, Impairment Compensation, Non-Linear Fibre Optics Research and Medical Applications. $241,178
Hall, Trevor Photonic Packet Switches and Networks: Design Tools and Reconfigurable Parallel Optical Link Laboratory $187,524
University of Toronto
Chan Carusone, Anthony Integrated Systems Laboratory supporting Mixed-Signal Design and Test for Communication Applications $246,000
Clarke, David Chemical Modulation of Activity and Expression of ABC Transporters to Treat Human Diseases. $120,168
Dick, John Creation of a Stem Cell Biology Laboratory. $249,840
Kaplan, David The Neuroscience-Cancer Research Program at the Hospital for Sick Children $665,635
Mundy, Karen Centre for the study of global governance and comparative educational change $98,123
Roder, John Equipment for SNP detection and recording/imaging facility at the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute. $125,000
Seltzer, Ze'ev Comparative Pain Genomics Laboratory $320,000
Stewart, Bryan Integrated laboratory for molecular, genetic, and physiological studies of synaptic transmission in drosophila $125,000
Vaziri, Homayoun Determinants of cellular life span $249,710
Walcott, Rinaldo The Other Canadians Database: Culture Re-making the Nation $100,000
University of Victoria
Boraston, Alisdair Facility for studies on carbohydrate-protein interactions $119,652
Darcie, Thomas Optical Systems Engineering Laboratory $272,500
Dost, Sadik A new crystal growth room for LPEE (Liquid Phase Electroepitaxy) and THM (Travelling Heater Method) growth systems, a new LPEE growth system with rotation capability, basic characterization equipment $295,500
Tunnicliffe, Verena Force-feedback manipulator arm for deep-sea remotely operated vehicle $125,000
University of Waterloo
Danckert, James Visuomotor control and eye movements laboratories in conjunction with functional magnetic resonance imaging hardware $63,707
Golnaraghi, Farid An Intelligent Mechatronics Systems lab with real-time distributed system for motion simulation and hardware-in-the-loop testing and model identification facilities for smart material in vibration... $124,996
Graham, Philip University of Waterloo Multimedia Laboratory for the Canadian Centre for Cultural Innovation $141,627
Li, Ming Information, Complexity, and Bioinformatics - Supporting Large Scale Bioinformatics Computing $121,353
University of Western Ontario
Huang, Yining Solids Capability for the NMR Facility at the University of Western Ontario $191,695
Jardine, John Mathematics Computation Network $62,802
Sham, Tsun Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) and Optical Spectrometer for XEOL (X-ray Excited Optical Luminescence) $151,407
Shaw, Gary Cryo Q Probe for Structural Neurobiology and Proteomics $207,743
Valvano, Miguel Pathogenomics of bacteria causing opportunistic infections $133,936
Vaziri, Hans Geomechanical Testing System for Petroleum Engineering Applications $148,800
Wahl, Linda Data Visualization System and Development Cluster for Computational Biology $81,350
University of Windsor
Buchanan, Lori Center for Computational and Behavioural Neuroscience $120,718
ElMaraghy, Hoda Equipment and Networking of Manufacturing Systems Research Laboratories $125,000
Fowle, David Great Lakes Biogeochemical Research Centre $127,500
Letcher, Robert Biomarker Facility for Biotransformation and Chemical Stress of Pollutants in Aquatic Wildlife and Humans $128,393
Université Laval
Duhaime, Gérard Banque de données sur la condition autochtone comparée $175,967
Joerin, Florent Infrastructure géomatique pour l'aide à la décision territoriale $87,304
Viger, Robert Specialized Equipment and Facilities for the Research Chair in Reproduction and Sex Development $124,756
Université de Montréal
Jolicoeur, Pierre Infrastructure for the establishement of a new Canada Research Chair in Experimental Cognitive Science. $145,723
Mourez, Michaël Chaire de recherche sur les maladies animales d'origine bactérienne. $128,549
Université de Sherbrooke
Beaulieu, Jean-François Facilité commune pour l'analyse de l'expression des gènes dans la cellule intestinale $108,631
Gallo-Payet, Nicole Équipement pour l'étude de l'expression et interaction de protéines cellulaires. $152,260
Université du QC Institut national de la rech. scientifique
Kieffer, Jean-Claude Système de correction de front d'onde pour laser de puissance. $118,650
Université du QC École de technologie supérieure
Masson, Christian Meteorological towers and computer-modelling development laboratory for advanced aerodynamics modelling of wind turbines in Nordic atmospheric flows $186,980
Université du Québec Télé-université
Tremblay, Diane-Gabrielle Laboratoire de recherche sur les enjeux socio-organisationnels de l'économie du savoir et la collaboration $75,000
Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Bergeron, Yves Laboratoire de recherche $125,000
Université du Québec en Outaouais
Bock, Wojtek Canada Research Chair in Photonics - Material Processing Laboratory. $402,669
Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Barnes, Sarah-Jane Metallogeny Laboratories $50,000
Farzaneh, Masoud Étude de l'apparition et du développement des décharges visibles à la surface de la glace accumulée sur les isolateurs externes $152,000
Université du Québec à Montréal
Forte, Alessandro Computational Geodynamics: Numerical Simulations of Solid Earth Dynamics on a Parallel Computer Cluster $211,844
Gagnon, Alain Infrastructures pour le Laboratoire interdisciplinaire et interuniversitaire de recherche sur la diversité, l'identité et la citoyenneté $30,750
Jouve, Bernard Système d'analyse multidimensionnelle des dynamiques territoriales et de globalistion $149,586
Marion, Mathieu Laboratoire de recherche en philosophie de la logique et des mathématiques $32,226
Wilfrid Laurier University
Parker, Linda Histology Equipment $73,857
York University
Hood, David Establishment of a Cell Physiology Laboratory on Mitochondrial Biogenesis $208,490
Mason, Steven Centre for the Study of Ancient Texts: Interpretation, Reception, and Audiences $71,993
Stutchbury, Bridget Genetics Laboratory for Research in Conservation Biology and Evolutionary Ecology $124,789
Whiteway, James Laser Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere $175,000
TOTALS 95 projects / projets $13,665,638