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The CFI Awards Management System (CAMS) is the secure online portal that allows researchers and institutional administrators from universities, colleges, research hospitals and non-profit research institutions to apply for CFI funding and manage pre- and post-award activities. The system is also used by reviewers assigned to assess the proposals submitted to the CFI.

To login to CAMS click on the Sign in link found in the right-hand menu.

We welcome input from CAMS users to help us continually improve the system. Feedback and ideas on how CAMS can better assist you can be submitted to


Institutional administrators with an institutional agreement role
The privileges for an institution’s president, authorized signatories, liaison and account administrator are assigned according to the responsibilities and privileges indicated in the institutional agreement. Upon receiving a signed institutional agreement, the CFI will update or create respective accounts in CAMS. Some minimum-access privileges are granted automatically to the account administrator, liaison, and authorized signatories based on their role. These minimum privileges cannot be modified by the institution. The institution can also assign additional access privileges to these individuals in the institutional agreement, which can then be modified in CAMS by the institution as required. When determining access privileges, institutions are encouraged to plan for backup resources to ensure business continuity when a given individual is away.

The institution must inform the CFI as soon as possible of any changes to the president, designated authorized signatories, account administrator and/or liaison by submitting a revised institutional agreement with appropriate signatures. For security reasons, all access privileges will be removed from the related CAMS institutional account by the CFI for any individual who has been replaced/removed from the institutional agreement. Note that access privileges can be set subsequently by the liaison or account administrator, as in the case for any institutional user who is not part of the institutional agreement. This is explained in the next section called “Institutional administrators with no institutional agreement role”.

Institutional administrators with no institutional agreement role
The liaison and account administrator are responsible for setting appropriate access privileges in CAMS for all institutional administrators, in accordance with institutional control frameworks and practices. The institution thus accepts full responsibility for privilege delegation and its impact on data access and integrity.

Project leaders
Project leaders who wish to create a CAMS account can do so from the CAMS sign in page. The access levels for project leaders related to post-award modules can be modified in CAMS by the liaison and account administrator of that institution.

The CFI will create a CAMS account for reviewers once they have accepted to participate in the review process. We manage the access privileges for reviewers to ensure they have the necessary information and documentation to assess the proposals assigned to them. Reviewers who already have a CAMS account, for example as project leader, will have access to the review materials using their existing CAMS account.


User guides
The following guides will help researchers, reviewers and institutional administrators get familiar with the basics of CAMS.

Getting started with CAMS: An overview document for researchers
Getting started with CAMS: An overview document for reviewers
Getting started with CAMS: An overview for institutional administrators

Institutional administrators with roles defined in the institutional agreement involved in managing CAMS user accesses for their institution will find the following video useful.


This one-hour webinar about post-award functionalities was produced in November 2014. It covers important information related to the new post-award modules and functionalities in CAMS, and discusses the main changes in the new system at that time.

The webinar is intended for research and finance staff, as well as departmental staff who play a significant role in post-award administration. It is not intended for project leaders since the researcher portal is not presented. 

Download the PDF version




If you have questions or require technical help, please contact the CFI help desk at The CFI responds to all queries as quickly as possible (typically within one business day).