Research builds communities

At the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), we believe that research builds communities. The CFI gives researchers the tools they need to think big and compete globally. It enables world-class research through investments in state-of-the-art facilities and equipment at Canada’s universities, colleges, research hospitals and non-profit research institutions. By supporting Canadian discovery, innovation and competitiveness, the CFI plays a key role in the country’s rich research ecosystem — an ecosystem that is helping build strong communities and delivering real, tangible benefits to Canadians.

Here is how state-of-the-art labs and facilities are helping researchers make a difference in your community:


University of British Columbia

Sustainable building

Researchers at the University of British Columbia are determining the future of construction by living it. At the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, green construction technologies and practices are studied and tested so that they can get to you sooner and more cost-efficiently.

University of Alberta


Small science with big results. Scientists at the University of Alberta are using nanotechnology to build materials and devices that can generate, store and use energy more efficiently.

Olds College

Alternative energy

Take crop waste. Turn it into fuel. What do you get? An innovative way to help your community go green. Research at Olds College is developing biofuels that are being used right in your backyard.

University of Calgary


A one-of-a-kind robotic arm developed at the University of Calgary is making brain surgery safer for patients in your community and around the world.

University of Saskatchewan

Infectious diseases

In a world with SARS, H1N1, West Nile virus and tuberculosis, we need a place like InterVac. Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan’s International Vaccine Centre are developing effective vaccines to protect you and people around the world from infectious diseases.

University of Manitoba

Functional foods

Functional foods don’t just give us nutrients…they also fight chronic disease. By developing new functional foods, University of Manitoba researchers are helping make us healthier — and are supporting a growing industry at the same time.

McMaster University

Bioanalytical chemistry

Researchers at McMaster University are developing novel tools that can quickly and accurately test E. coli levels in lakes and pools, making your summer swim safer.

University of Waterloo

Quantum computing

Safer online transactions. Supercomputing power. A brave new future. Research at the University of Waterloo is pushing the limits of quantum physics to make your life easier.

McGill University

Life sciences

Cancer experts. Geneticists. Developmental biologists. Chemists. Bringing them together under one roof at McGill University is helping turn discoveries into life-saving treatments and cures and is keeping our region on the map as a global hub for biomedical research.

University of New Brunswick


Researchers at the University of New Brunswick are using cutting-edge imaging technology to help children with cerebral palsy get the right treatment — one step at a time.

St. Francis Xavier University

Aquatic ecology

For marine ecologist Ricardo Scrosati of St. Francis Xavier University, the ocean is his laboratory. He and his research team are gaining a better understanding of aquatic and coastal wetlands to help protect the environment. In the process, they will help save precious marine resources.

University of Prince Edward Island

Veterinary science

Healthier herds. Healthier bottom line. Researchers at the University of Prince Edward Island are helping Maritime dairy farmers keep their cattle in tip-top shape to boost the region’s dairy industry.

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Ocean sciences

Research at Memorial University of Newfoundland is helping give fishing communities a second chance at a life built on the ocean.