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What is the CFI?

What is research infrastructure?

The infrastructure funded by the CFI includes the state-of-the-art equipment, laboratories, databases, specimens, scientific collections, computer hardware and software, communications linkages and buildings necessary to conduct leading-edge research.

And what does it do for Canada?

State-of-the-art infrastructure allows researchers to push the boundaries of knowledge, explore the unknown and generate exciting outcomes that benefit humankind. It helps institutions attract, retain and train the top researchers from around the globe and fosters collaboration among the academic, private, public and non-profit sectors on a range of projects and across many disciplines. The solid platforms of research infrastructure being established in Canadian institutions are serving to support business innovation and private-sector research and development.

How does the CFI fund infrastructure?

The CFI has established a rigorous, competitive and independent merit-review process that rewards excellence. The CFI relies on experts from across Canada and around the world to ensure that only the very best projects receive funding. CFI funding is awarded to institutions, not individual researchers, and all funding proposals must support an institution’s strategic research plan.

Eligible Canadian institutions apply to the CFI through a suite of funds, and all applications are assessed using three broad criteria:

  • Quality of the research and its need for infrastructure;
  • Contribution to strengthening the capacity for innovation;
  • Potential benefits of the research to Canada.

The CFI funds up to 40 percent of a project’s research infrastructure costs. This funding is then leveraged to attract the remaining investment from partners in the public, private and nonprofit sectors.