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Annual Report

Research in Canada is a national success story worth celebrating: this is a line we at the Canada Foundation for Innovation repeated many times over the 2014-15 fiscal year, and we continue to see evidence that it’s true. There are examples across the country of world-class research facilities that are instrumental in maintaining Canada’s position as a world leader in research, and each year new facilities open that push the boundaries of Canadian research even further.

From coast to coast, we have seen the transformative impact of public investments in research infrastructure. And in April 2015, the Government of Canada’s welcome announcement in Budget 2015 of $1.33 billion for the CFI — the single largest investment to date in support of research infrastructure — ensures that the Canadian research success story continues.

It also speaks to the inherently forward-looking approach of the CFI. State-of-the-art research infrastructure is, by its very nature, costly, and often takes years to acquire, build and commission. So, to position our universities and colleges at the cutting edge in the coming decades, we need to invest significantly now, as Budget 2015 will allow us to do.

There is little doubt that Canadian research has made great strides in recent decades, and the momentum created by CFI-funded labs and facilities builds year after year. Canadian research is worth celebrating and, for those of us on the ground, it’s full steam ahead.

Read the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s 2014-15 annual report to find out more about how the Canada Foundation for Innovation is helping to build a world-class research system. 

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