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Outcome Measurement Study (OMS)

The Outcome Measurement Study (OMS) is designed to assess the degree to which the CFI’s investment in research infrastructure is a critical contributing factor in the realization of five outcomes (strategic research planning, research capacity, highly qualified personnel, research productivity, and innovation). The OMS helps demonstrate to the CFI Board, the Government of Canada, the Canadian public, and other key stakeholders the extent to which the CFI is achieving its national objectives. The OMS also provides information for evaluation and planning purposes, and features prominently in the PERAF.

The OMS is a learning exercise conducted in partnership with participating institutions and is different from a typical merit-review process. No funding is contingent on the findings, nor are the findings used to rank research activities or institutions. The OMS methodology involves an in-depth questionnaire submitted to institutions with a follow-up validation by a visiting expert panel whose report is the key output of the exercise. The scope is unique in that it looks across an institution and a specific theme rather than examining an individual project or program. Selected institutions are notified at least nine months in advance of the visit. Institutions wishing to participate in an OMS should contact the CFI evaluation team. Recognizing that institutions may need to invest additional resources in data collection and other activities to support the OMS exercise, the CFI will make a one-time contribution of $10,000 (as of April 1, 2009) to those institutions once the OMS Expert Panel report is successfully completed.


The Canada Foundation for Innovation’s
outcome measurement study:
a pioneering approach to research evaluation

Research Evaluation December 2010

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OMS Summary Report
KPMG/Halliwell - October 30, 2008

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OMS Visit Schedule

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OMS - A valuable tool for the CFI,
institutions and their partners

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OMS Instructions for the Institution

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