2014 Major Science Initiatives Special competition

Call for proposals

Context and Objectives

The CFI is expanding its support of the ongoing operations and maintenance (O&M) needs of national research facilities through a Major Science Initiatives (MSI) special competition. For this competition, eligibility has been broadened to include:

  • A greater range of facilities, both in size and complexity, across all research disciplines
  • Facilities with diverse levels of CFI investment (not restricted to a one-time $25 million capital investment)
  • Facilities without previous CFI investments.

Funding awarded under this MSI special competition is intended to secure and strengthen unique national research facilities that support world-class research, the loss of which would represent a serious setback for Canada. These facilities represent collective resources for the Canadian research enterprise, are currently fully operational, and are being used and accessed by a broad range of researchers from across the country and internationally. Funding provided will complement existing O&M resources to address unmet needs in O&M funding of the successful national research facilities. It is expected that current O&M funders will continue their support.

The CFI will invest up to $25 million over three years (approximately $8 million per year from 2014-15 to 2016-17) to cover a portion of the total eligible O&M costs of funded facilities. The total CFI funding, including Infrastructure Operating Funds (IOF) for those facilities that are partially funded by the CFI, must not exceed 40 percent of a facility’s total eligible O&M costs.

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