2002 International Fund

Please note that this is a report on the CFI's International Funds competition which was launched in 2001, and for which funding decisions were made in 2002. There were some funds remaining in the allocation after the competition was complete and these have been allocated for the CFI's contribution to the International Joint Venture Project 2005.

To be successful in the global knowledge-based economy and address today's health, environmental, and social challenges, Canada needs to play an active role in international research activities. Canadian institutions and their researchers need to perform research at the highest of international standards of excellence in partnership with the very best in the world.

To meet this challenge, the CFI issued a Call for Proposals in 2001 for a one-time investment for two International Funds:

The International Joint Ventures Fund, which supports the establishment of a small number of very high profile research infrastructure projects in Canada to take advantage of extraordinary research opportunities with leading facilities in other countries that will bring significant benefits to Canada.

The International Access Fund, which provides access for Canadian institutions and their best researchers to facilities in other countries and major international collaborative programs. They will perform innovative research through unique collaborative research opportunities that will lead to significant benefits for Canada.

How much funding was available?

The International Funds received a one-time investment of $200 million, with $100 million dedicated to each fund.

The CFI covered up to 100% of the eligible costs of projects. However, the CFI has encouraged institutions to seek funding from other partners to broaden the scope of the initiative and make for better outcomes.

Institutions had to demonstrate that they could secure the funding from other partners for the conduct of research and for the full cost of the operation and maintenance of the infrastructure.

What projects were eligible?

Eligible Canadian institutions were encouraged to come together and include Canadian and international partners from different sectors and disciplines in the development of challenging and transformative projects that will lead to significant benefits for Canada. Projects had to be in areas highlighted in the strategic research plans of the participating Canadian institutions, and to propose new activities.

What were the assessment criteria?

The projects submitted were evaluated against the following criteria:

1. Quality of research and need for infrastructure
2. Contribution to strengthening the capacity for innovation
3. Potential benefits of the research and the international collaboration to Canada

A proposal had to meet all three criteria to a degree appropriate to the size and complexity of the project in order to be funded.

Who made the decisions and when?

The CFI Board of Directors made the decisions on the applications submitted in the competition at its June 2002 meeting. Nine projects are proceeding: three under the International Joint Ventures Fund and six under the International Access Fund.

Are any public announcements planned?

The CFI released a national public announcement of the Board decisions on June 20, 2002. Each of the projects will also be publicly announced and events will be held once the award has been finalized.